Reviewing and commenting on almost every track on the soundtrack!

This blog was made to spread the sound of THE LAST REMNANT to the world. Our English is rough, but we hope you enjoy the articles.

Some parts may be harder to understand, so we ask for your pardon.

Hi there!
I am composer of “THE LAST REMNANT” SEKITO, here.

The date for today is on Nov 20th.
The long awaiting “THE LAST REMNANT” has been released at last!

Looking back, there are so many things has happened until today...
(imagine with a look of my face in retrospect...) e.g. The memory of the day of the studio recording when I had a soy sauce stuck in my eye by accident...LOL

All those things have now become one big memory to me,
congratulations for the release of “THE LAST REMNANT”.

As I mentioned earlier,
Today is a memorable day of the release of “THE LAST REMNANT”.
With an emotional dilemma of other members of stuff, we thought that,
“How could we express all these passions and experiences through developing the game and music towards audiences???
I know! Why don't we review and comment on almost every track of the soundtrack!?!?

Here we have this stunning blog with the course of such an event.

I will be trying to accomplish the mission of reviewing and commenting from now on.
I would love all of you to enjoy for those time that we have here on this blog.

Before I start,
I would like to introduce you one of a lead planner of “THE LAST REMNANT” Mr. Yagi(Twang!),
who has an enormous knowledge about storyline of this game,
all the game system terms and the specification in very small details,
and I would also like to join a synthesizer operator of “THE LAST REMNANT” Mr. Yamanaka (Pop!), who has composed, sound-mixed, and even produced mastering engineering for the soundtrack.
To accomplish this whole interview, I will be a little seriously and fearlessly involving all the other sound crew of “THE LAST REMNANT” for introducing you with commentary of the soundtrack of “THE LAST REMNANT”.
I really would love to enjoy this blog for all of you to, hopefully, appreciate a little more about the soundtrack and also the game itself.

Here it starts…

<Mr. Yagi comments>

How is everyone? I am a lead event planner of “THE LAST REMNANT” Yagi.
For the event scene of the game, I was picturing the image of the music that it would underscore the storyline of scenes to emphasize the emotional moment in oppose to the role of the music becoming just a part of a game as a signature.

I would imagine that Mr. Sekito would have had a hard time trying to achieve all of my requirements for the compositions during we had held our meetings in such a vast period of time. But I feel that all this time and effort that we spent together really paid off and the finished productions really reflect our goals. I really hope all of you to appreciate such a valuable achievement like this production and I would like to recommend all of you to enjoy as much as you can from it.

<Mr. Yamanaka comments>

Hello, guys. I am a synthesizer operator of “THE LAST REMNANT” Yamanaka.
I have composed a dungeon part of the music and I engineered sound mixing of the music. As much as I would love to comment on every part of the interview, I would like to appear for a small part of interviews, such as a commentary part for the music in dungeon etc. I would like to pass baton to Mr. Yagi who is kindly enough to help out the commenting and my big brothers of Mr. Sekito and Mr. Yagi would be happy to comment and answer the questions on every event scene instead of me.

<Mr. Sekito comments>

Now, I will be commenting on the soundtrack from Today.
As we speak, I am writing very hard on this actual blog!
Please hold on tight for the 1st commentary!


Comments from the promotional staff;

I am Marushi, a Soundtrack promotion staff.
How is everyone enjoying the blog “Return of Sekito Clinic” which has just started today?
I will be updating commentary for everyday basis! Well almost every day basis to be exact!
Please do visit this blog frequently!

There is news from me, a promotion staff.
Due to its specification, the automatic play button on this blog plays several tracks simultaneously when you press the button on different tracks at the same time.
If you ever feel like that “I cannot listen to the track properly!“
Please, please be patient. If you want to listen to several tracks, please press STOP button before start listening to your desirable track.
Thank you for your patience, and please enjoy the “Return of the Sekito Clinic”
A promotion staff, Marushi Akio

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