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Mr. Sekito about his guitar collections

Hello Marushi Akio is here!

Today, I questioned Mr. Sekito about his guitar collections.
I have just been to Mr. Sekito`s recording booth for the interview.
I brought Mr. Yamanaka with me in case of an emergency for technical answers.

Knock! Knock!

Mr. Sekito welcomed us with his smile and was kindly enough to show us his collections.

Here are his guitar collections.


Wow! 4 of them! He really has a lot of the guitar.
Do they really make any differences for the sound?? Of course they do, Don’t they?

Do you remember which guitar did you use for each track?

【Mr. Sekito answers; 】
I remember the most of the order for the use of my guitar. LOL
I have 6 guitars in total, I ended up using 4 of my guitar after all.

≪1st left of the photo:≫
1.Fender Stratocaster Master builder series, customized by Art Espaza NoAE587

≪2nd left of the photo:≫
2.Fender Stratocaster American Deluxe series

≪1st right of the photo:≫
3.JamesTyler Studio elite deluxe

≪2nd right of the photo: ≫
4.YAMAHA classic guitar

How do you divide the use for each guitar?

【Mr. Sekito answers; 】
I mainly use No 1 guitar. I use the Most of my electric guitar part with No 1.
I use No 1 guitar on my previous live concert, also the past live for the band “Star Onions.”
No 2 guitar is for the use of the special low tuning that 7semitones down tuning.
I use No2 guitar for the track “Reversal”.
No 3 guitar is for mainly overdub recording, for example I use for melody.
I used No 4 guitar for the track “Echoes of the Past. ”

This might be my own limit as my knowledge for music on my brain has so little.
I will pass on questioning for Mr. Yamanaka.

What do you use for your usual guitar-effects, and what is your usual guitar sound?

【Mr. Sekito answers; 】
I did not use a huge amount of guitar-effect for “THE LAST REMNANT”.
I love the sound of Delay effect in general. I did use “Ducker Delay” a lot.

I like my distorted guitar sound usually. My distorted guitar sound goes more towards the sound that produced with modeling effect and pre amp than an ordinary over-drive effect.

I like to use EQ that cutting off on Mid range for the guitar. Outcome for this EQ is similar to “Biting sound”, also the sound of muted guitar with lot of depth.
I tried very hard to have my own exact guitar, spending a long period of time.
I am happy with outcome of the sound after all.

Do you have to be fussy about your sound?

【Mr. Sekito answers; 】
Absolutely! When I am creating muted guitar, for example.
Even though muted guitar sounds great when you listen to it in front of the amp,
After the sound mixing process, those great sounding muted guitar tends to be out in the mix, or muddy sounding.
For “THE LAST REMNANT” though, I passed on my job of sound mixing process to Mr. Yamanaka! He must have had a nightmare of mixing sound. LOL

【Question:5 】
What are those stickers which you can see on 1st &2nd left of 2 of the guitar on the photo??

【Mr. Sekito answers; 】
Those stickers are from my private fellow guitar group that I have been involved with for a long time. Are n`t they look cool on the guitar??

【Mr. Yamanaka comments; 】
That is it for my interview for today.
It is only 3 days left for the release date of the soundtrack!?!?
Tomorrow, we are introducing new commentary for you.

【Marushi Akio comments; 】
Mr. Yamanaka just did my job for me to tell you guys about the release date.

The soundtrack of “THE LAST REMNANT” is going to be released on Dec 10th 2008.
It contains whole 97 tracks from “THE LAST REMNANT”, I am highly recommending you this soundtrack!
Please check out for tomorrow’s interviews, Thank you